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Passionate Visionary

Mr. Gauthier incepted the vision that brought all of us together. Tomas combines an unrivalled passion for innovation creation with more than 15 years of tech startup experience. He is now using his accumulated expertise to create an automated value creation ecosystem with the purpose of bringing out the best in the entrepreneurs he works with. Graduating in finance, Tomas has funded, developed, launched and operated technology products while raising 10s of millions of dollars for his own startups.

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Philippe Chevry is a Montreal-based serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in emerging technologies related to cybersecurity, finance, gaming & new media. 

He has developed in-depth knowledge of some of the most promising technologies of the upcoming decades, ranging from artificial intelligence to augmented reality and has been active in the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape since 2013.

As a director of the Blockchain Association of Canada, his role is to build awareness and unify the Canadian industry’s voice surrounding the benefits and potential impacts of blockchain technology. 

Philippe also cofounded Nash, where he helps businesses adapt to social and technological changes related to the 4th industrial revolution.

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Business Advisor

With a Master of Business Administration in Business Management and 10+ years of management experience, Tara has launched two Montreal based businesses, the most notable in sporting goods. Recipient of the Fondation Montreal Young Entrepreneur Award and passionate about startups, Tara is currently fueling the future as a member of the TG Capital team.

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